ChibiOS/RT is designed for deeply embedded real time applications where execution efficiency and compact code are important requirements. This RTOS is characterized by its high portability, compact size and, mainly, by its architecture optimized for extremely efficient context switching. Feature highlights:

  • Efficient and portable preemptive kernel.
  • Static architecture, everything is statically allocated at compile time.
  • Dynamic extensions, dynamic objects are supported by an optional layer built on top of the static core.
  • Rich set of primitives: threads, virtual timers, semaphores, mutexes, condition variables, messages, mailboxes, event flags.
  • Support for priority inheritance algorithm on mutexes.
  • HAL component supporting a variety of abstract device drivers: Port, Serial, ADC, CAN, GPT, I2C, MAC, MMC, PWM, SPI, UART, USB, USB-CDC.
  • Support for external components uIP, lwIP, FatFs.
  • Many supported architectures.
  • Extensive test suite with benchmarks.

ChibiOS/RT is user-friendly and  require a very short learning curve.

ChibiOS/RT is really usable “right out of the box” and is highly customizable to meet design needs.

ChibiOS/RT is able to grow with the product allowing new features as time goes by and not collapsing under complexity demanded by market.

ChibiiOS/RT is fully tested and comes with extensive technical documentation.

More information about the features set can be found in the features matrix page. Information about performance and code size can be found in the metrics page.

Applicative Scenarios

ChibiOS/RT is usable in many applicative areas, for example and not limited to:

  • Automotive.
  • Robotic Applications.
  • Consumer Electronics.
  • Energy Management.
  • Teaching and Learning.
  • Hobby, DIY.